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Sean Vance (singer)

Active Since: 2004

Works Well Withchillstep, DnB, freNchHouse, breaks, ambient, downtempo, trip-hop, indieRock, acoustic, newWave, synthpop

Notable Collabs: Bustrexx, TwoThirds, Bassmajik

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Figureless is a promotional and collaborative platform for electronic vocalists to work together and for producers to find that extra kick for their songs and its run by its members and Adrian. WE ARE NOT AN EXCLUSIVE CLUB! Figureless vocalists are welcome to join any community they like. Feel free to subscribe to all of our social networks to find out when we add more vocalists or to hear new songs released by Figureless artists. Thank you! Facebook YouTube Twitter

Does Figureless really work?

What is a Figureless Vocalist?

A Figureless vocalist is one who is accessible and communicative. A Figureless vocalist doesn't vocalize what's popular, but tells stories through songs. A Figureless vocalist does not record through a laptop mic, but is one who invests time and money into recording high quality vocals. Are you a vocalist who wants to be a part of the community? Let Adrian know by e-mail or message us on any of our social networks. Thank you!

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Do not ask more than one vocalist at the same time to sing on your track. This is not a competition. If you feel a vocalist can work with your track, then you should stick with him or her. If he or she declines your track, do not tell the other vocalist that the previous vocalist declined your track, therefore, he or she is the "back-up" vocalist. If anything, you can also have two vocalists on one track. It is encouraged. Do not waste our vocalists' time by creating competition between them. Thank you.

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